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Tuesday Meditation Workshop will be held this Tuesday, November 17th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at 
Thotme's home, 70 Sapphire Cove, Dillon

At this workshop we will experience three meditations,ToningOpening to Your Angel, Opening Your Wings, Angel Attunement       We will also discuss the subject of What are Angels anyway?



 Call or Text Thotme now to reserve your space 970.333.0178 Love donation of $20 greatly appreciated!



A new class entitled, True Illumination - The Holy Science  starts, this Thursday, October 8th. The series will be a two part series beginning October 8th at Summit Chiropractic and Rehab. The first part will be from October 8th through October 29th, Thursday nights from 7:00 - 9:00pm. The cost for part one is $80.00 for the four week session. Part Two will begin on November 5th continuing on November 12th & 19th, a week off for Thanksgiving, then last class on December 3rd. The cost for Part Two will be $80.00 as well for the entire four week session. Call or Text Thotme now to reserve your space 970.333.0178







Call 970 513 9234 to schedule an appointment!


The Homunculus Group

saggital brain.jpgDr Ivo is one of the founding members of the Homunculus Group. The Homunculus Group conceptually began in early 2006 after the dissolution of a previous consulting group, PCG (Pedorthic Consultant Group).  Over time we realized that the consulting team we had assembled was too restricted and limited in scope for what we did, what we knew, and what we had to offer our clients (physicians, therapists, athletes, trainers, manufacturing companies, students etc).  As we continued to expand our knowledge base the group expanded and we welcomed several additional experts in the fields of neurology, orthopedics, physical therapy, rehabilitation, manual medicine and motor and sensory impairment pathology.  Thus, The Homunculus Group was born.  

The Homunculus Group is a collection of heavily educated intelligent individuals who are committed and driven to better understand the problems of pain and movement impairment in this world (basically the aches and pains that ail individuals).  Hence their interest in the sensory and motor portions of the brain and hence their development of this braintrust of individuals, and those others invited into the brethren of his website.  We hope this venture will begin a long fruitful journey in the sharing of knowledge, collective problem solving and of learning together and amongst others in complementary fields.

Visit us at our website where we have seminars around the country and provide medical and biomechanical-biomedical consulting services for several companies and corporations, domestically and internationally.